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  • 10 vibes for Black Sea Türkiye

    like locals

    Drink a Glass of Turkish Tea in Rize

    In Türkiye, 60% of the tea plantations are in Rize. Relaxing and delighting, the drink is the most popular item on the breakfast tables and most consumed beverage type in Türkiye. It is also a perfect souvenir!

    Discover the Biggest Canyon of Türkiye in Kastamonu

    One of the deepest and longest canyons in the world, Valla Canyon is located in Pınarbaşı district of the city of Kastamonu. The canyon stretches approximately 10 kilometers northward, and has cliffs varying between 800 and 1,200 meters in height. These incredible features draw in photography, rafting, and trekking enthusiasts from across the globe.

    Walk between Erfelek Waterfalls in Sinop

    Located in the district of Erfelek in Sinop Province and consisting of 28 separate small and large waterfalls, this natural wonder is known as Erfelek Waterfalls or Tatlıca Waterfalls. There are hiking trails here and it is a great place to spend one or more days in peaceful nature.

    Take a Ferry at Şahinkaya Canyon

    Located on the Kızılırmak River in the district of Vezirköprü of Samsun, the Şahinkaya Canyon is the second-longest canyon of Türkiye. Its turquoise waters and steep walls fascinate visitors. There are boat tours available which take about an hour and start from two different points. The canyon and its surroundings are suitable for camping, trekking, and hiking, photography, and amateur angling.

    Journey Through the Past in Çorum

    Hattusa, which has been on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List since 1986, is located within Çorum city.

    Hattusa became the capital of the Hittites in the 17th century BCE. Most of the ruins of the city which survive until today, are from the 13th century BCE.

    Visit the One Thousand Years Old Monastery in Trabzon

    The 1000 years old Monastery of the Virgin Mary or Sümela Monastery is among the most impressive sights of Türkiye’s Black Sea coast.

    Sümela Monastery is an Orthodox monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Known as the Monastery of Virgin Mary by the local people, it was founded in the 4th century CE as the dream of two monks named Barnabas and Sophronios

    Admire the Variety of Colours in Bolu

    Yedigöller National Park is located in the Western Black Sea region, about 40 kilometers north of Bolu city center. The park presents a rugged terrain and has lush vegetation. There are seven landslide lakes in the park and numerous streams, presenting visitors with magnificent natural landscapes and a change to relax in the heart of nature.

    Pick the Nuts from the Trees in Ordu

    Türkiye provides 60 percent of the world’s hazelnut production. Ordu is the first city in terms of nuts growning capacity in Türkiye, so in the world. You can see the hazelnut trees in every corner of the city and buy fresh hazelnuts.

    Do Rafting on One of the Fastest Streams of the World in Rize

    Fırtına Stream in Rize consists of a creation of cascading streams and creeks on Kaçkar Mountains’ slopes facing the Black Sea. The stream has a high flow, and it is suitable for rafting. The stream is 57 kilometers long and has four difficulty levels in different sections. There are many Black Sea rafting tours with professional rafting guides along the Fırtına River. Its surroundings are beautiful and feature tea gardens and historical bridges.

    Learn More About Mining Tradition in Zonguldak

    The city of Zonguldak is a major coal production centre. The coal mining has about 140 years history. The mine in Zonguldak was first opened in the 1880s. You can visit this area, where the first mineral extraction is done, and learn more about mining tradition of Zonguldak.