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    Black Sea Türkiye

    Spiritual Routes

    • Monasteries of The Black Sea in Trabzon

     Sümela Monastery, which is located on a steep and rocky area in Altındere Valley in the town of Maçka near the city of Trabzon, offers a combination of nature, history, and culture. It is believed that the monastery was constructed in the 4th century, although Alexios III Megas Komnenos (1349-1390) was the actual founder. The monastery is also known to locals as “Meryem Ana” (Virgin Mary). The majestic complex, built 1,200 meters above sea level, has been recently restored. Not far from Sümela Monastery, in the city of Trabzon, is Vazelon Monastery which is one of the oldest monasteries in Anatolia. Also called “Zouvalon,” the monastery is believed to have been built around 270 CE and is dedicated to John the Baptist.

    • Landscape of Monasteries in Artvin

    Several Georgian churches established in the Middle Ages shed light on the history of north-eastern Türkiye. Doliskana Monastery, also known as Dolishane Church, is a Georgian medieval Orthodox monastery in Artvin. It now serves as a mosque. The exterior walls carry 10th-century Georgian inscriptions. Ishkani (İşhan) Monastery is located in the east of Yusufeli district, in the village of Dağyolu (İşhan). The church was constructed in 1008 and was converted into a mosque by the Ottomans in 1549. A relief illustrating a combat between a dragon and a lion on the windowsill is especially interesting. The original conical cruciform structure has been preserved. Tbeti Monastery (Cevizli) is located in northeast Şavşat province, in the village of Cevizli. It was constructed between 899 and 914 by one of the governors of Bagratlı, Aşut Kukh. The grave of Aşut Kukh is adjacent to the church. A Georgian structure, the structure’s external facade is adorned with columns and reliefs. A relief of Christ can be found on the north windows while the reliefs of ram heads attest to the fondness of the Bagrationi dynasty (Bagrations) for the Huns who considered the ram to be holy. The domeless 10th century Georgian church in Barhal is remarkably complete and now used as a mosque. The towerless, grey stone structure, known as Parkhali to Georgians, was built in the 9th century and dedicated to John the Baptist.

    Rafting Routes 

    • Çoruh River, Artvin

    Located in Artvin, Türkiye’s Eastern Black Sea shores, Coruh River is one of the world's fastest flowing rivers. The river has four courses of different difficulty levels with a total length of 169 km. Every year, international competitions are held on Coruh River and thousands of people participate from all over the world.

    • Fırtına River & İkizdere River, Rize

    The word “fırtına” means “storm” in English. As a challenging river for rafting, Fırtına River is an important area for rafting enthusiasts. It is 57 kilometers long and has four difficulty levels in different sections. There are many Black Sea rafting tours with professional rafting guides along the Fırtına River. Its surroundings are beautiful and feature tea gardens and historical bridges.

     Trekking Routes

    • Lake Abant National Park, Bolu

    In the autumn months, you won’t believe the beauty of Lake Abant!

    Covered in pine tree forests and colorful flowers, Lake Abant is ideal for spending one or two days! The lake is 2-3 hours by car from both İstanbul and Ankara.

    You’ll find many short and long tracks for trekking and hiking around the lake. It’s an ideal destination for whose looking for an easy to moderate route.

    • Yenice Forests, Karabük

    One of the lesser-known hiking trails in Türkiye, this particular path leads through the natural wonder of Yenice Forest. In 1999, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) designated the Yenice Forest, in the city of Karabük, as one of the 100 biodiversity hotspots that require preservation.

    All shades of green welcome you here offering you an adventure of true discovery. Nature lovers will savor the forests and canyons.

    In addition, Safranbolu, famous for its well-preserved Ottoman houses, is nearby and definitely worth a day trip.