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    Black Sea Türkiye

    Kemençe in Rize and Trabzon

    With its melancholic sound, the kemençe is the main musical instrument of Black Sea folklore. Kemençe has three parts: The neck, the body, and the stem. It is carved out from a single wood, has strings, and is played with a bow.

    The kemençe is played by many people in the Black Sea, and it always accompanies folk dancing. Horon is the name of a group of folk dances performed in Northern Türkiye on the Black Sea coast which are popular across the country.

    Whistling Language (Bird Language) in Giresun

    The whistling communication method known as Whistling Language (Bird Language), which is unique to the region of Kuşköy in Çanakçı district, has a history of 500 years. This method of communication has been included in UNESCO's “Intangible Cultural Heritage Requiring Immediate Protection” list. A festival is organized every year in order to promote the Whistling Language, which is used by the local people in communication, and to introduce the folkloric values of the region to the next generations and to keep the cultural heritage alive.

    Yedikuğular Kuş Cenneti (Bird Heaven) in Amasya

    Yedikırlar Dam, where Yedikuğular Kuş Cenneti is located, built between 1982 and 1985 for irrigation purposes on Tersakan Stream.

    Redheads, carp, and crane fish live in Yedikır Dam. The lake is also one of the rare lakes in the Black Sea for angling.

    The area becomes important with the large number of ruddy shelduck that stay here during except the breeding period. In winter, the area is home to a significant number of water birds, including mudder, greenhead and cattle gull.

    Mençuna Waterfall in Artvin

    Mençuna Waterfall is 17 kilometres away from Arhavi district. The waterfall is reached by a one-hour trail road after leaving the vehicle road. This natural wonder that falls from 90 meters in two cascades is definitely must-see. You can swim in the pond of the waterfall, sit on the observation terraces, and have a refreshment.

    Maral Waterfall, Artvin

    Maral Waterfall, which is one of the natural wonders of the Black Sea Region, is in the Borçka district. The waterfall is situated in the Camili Biosphere Reserve, which belongs to UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves since 2005 and attests to the social and ecological importance of the region.

    The waterfall, which falls from 63 meters above Maral Creek, presents a unique landscape. You can reach the waterfall with a kilometer-long hike. It is also enjoyable to swim in the small lake, formed at the bottom of the waterfall.

    Palovit Waterfall in Rize

    Palovit Waterfall in the Çamlıhemşin district of Rize is one of the natural wonders that make Ayder Plateau a popular destination for those who enjoy the great outdoors. It is located in the Kaçkar Mountains National Park.

    Palovit Waterfall cascades from a height of 15 meters and is the tallest waterfall in the region. The waterfall has a viewing terrace, picnic areas, and campsites in its green surroundings.

    The Ship Launching Ceremony in Bartın

    It is a tradition as old as Shipbuilding, dating back 300-400 years. The launching of the ships completed in shipyards is an important cultural tradition that reflects the beliefs of the Bartın people.

    That day is almost the feast of the city. The people gathered on the seaside promenade, Yalı Street, and ships are decorated with flags, while sacrificing sheep as a tradition, ships are pulled down into the river by buffaloes accompanied by various entertainment and applause.

    Tomara Waterfall in Gümüşhane

    Tomara Waterfall located in the village of Seydibaba in the district of Şiran. The source of the water is coming from underground, and the area around the waterfall consists of steep slopes.

    There are many legends about Tomara Waterfalls which the local villagers will be very happy to share with you. The waterfall is a favorite destination for photography enthusiasts.