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    Black Sea Türkiye

    Yedigöller National Park in Bolu

    Yedigöller National Park is located in the Western Black Sea region, about 40 kilometers north of Bolu city center. The park presents a rugged terrain and has lush vegetation. There are seven landslide lakes in the park and numerous streams, presenting visitors with magnificent natural landscapes and a change to relax in the heart of nature.

    In the national park, you will find hiking & trekking trails, camping areas and bungalows!

    Located between the two biggest cities of the country, İstanbul and Ankara, the park is a popular destination and is accessible throughout the year.

    Küre Mountains National Parks in Kastamonu and Bartın

    The Küre Mountains National Park is located between the provinces of Kastamonu and Bartın in the Western Black Sea region. The park contains one of Türkiye's most important forested areas. The ecosystem’s global importance was recognized by the WWF which included the park in “The Global 200: Priority Ecoregions for Global Conservation.” The Küre Mountains National Park, which contains some of the world’s most important and unique examples of natural heritage, is a natural forest arboretum.

    Visitor services, such as accommodation and guidance, are provided in the park.

    Kaçkar Mountains National Park in Rize

    Located within the borders of Rize Province in the Eastern Black Sea region, the Kaçkar National Park contains the Kaçkar Mountains' highest peaks. The highest peak here is 3,932 meters. The park stretches across the country's rainiest region, and as a result is covered in rich and lush vegetation with many large streams traversing the area.

    Visitors, among others, can ski, raft, trek, mountaineer, and rock climb. There is also the unique opportunity to observe and learn about the traditional highland culture of the region.

    The Kaçkar Mountains National Park has about 100 glacial lakes which are especially loved by nature photographers. While the climb to the lakes is somewhat challenging, the views encountered are definitely worth the extra effort!

    Uzungöl in Trabzon

    Located in Çaykara district of Trabzon, Uzungöl has a dazzling view.

    Uzungöl was formed by the rocks falling from the slopes and blocking the front of a stream. It sits between It has a length of about a thousand meters and a width of 500 meters. The lake is part of Uzungöl Natural Park.

    Uzungöl is also a village, highland and entertainment place. The area presents travel and accommodation opportunities with exceptional beauty with rest houses, small resort type hotels, trout restaurants and scenery. Uzungöl is also the ecotourism centre of Trabzon.

    Hatila Valley National Park in Artvin

    Hatila Valley National Park has the flora of the Mediterranean and has a wild fauna including bears, deer, foxes, and eagles. Special beehives set on stands are home to bees producing delicious local honey. Hatila Valley is a V-shaped young valley, created by Hatila -one of the principal mainstreams of Çoruh- and many other streams. All along the valley, there are knickpoints because of lithologic differences, and these knickpoints created waterfalls. Also, the valley has a complex topography due to mass movements, physical fractions, and landslides –which resulted in the formation of canyons and channels. The area has more than 530 plant species and 85 of these are relict-endemic species. The glass terrace set in the valley offers amazing views of the region.

    Yenice Forests in Karabük

    Among Türkiye's most important beauties are the Yenice Forests in  Karabük. The rich biodiversity, the natural old forests, monumental trees, deep valleys, rivers, and a tremendous wildlife are the most important assets of the Yenice Forests. The Municipality conducted a number of works for the Yenice Forests, which are accessible throughout the year. There are five camps, 15 hiking trails and seven biking trails. There is a great variety of plant and animal life. Especially in autumn, the forests are covered under a colourful blanket. The landscape can be viewed from the highest point of the forest. The waterfalls and roses make it appear even richer. Orientation signs help to prevent getting lost in the forests, which are extended across a huge area.

    Valla Canyon in Kastamonu

    One of the deepest and longest canyons in the world, Valla Canyon is located in Pınarbaşı district of the city of Kastamonu, just south of the Black Sea coastline.

    The canyon starts near the village of Muratbaşı, 26 kilometers north of the district of Pınarbaşı. The canyon stretches approximately 10 kilometers northward, and has cliffs varying between 800 and 1,200 meters in height.

    These incredible features draw in photography, rafting, and trekking enthusiasts from across the globe. Valla Canyon also boasts numerous trails for those interested in extreme mountaineering. It should be noted that the canyon can be a bit dangerous. You will need a permission for outdoor activities and it is best to visit with a guide; however, you can also explore the canyon on your own.

    After you have made the most of your Valla Canyon adventure, make sure to explore Kastamonu, one of the most authentic cities in the Black Sea region.

    Şahinkaya Canyon in Samsun

    Located on the Kızılırmak River in the district of Vezirköprü of Samsun, the Şahinkaya Canyon is the second-longest canyon of Türkiye. Its turquoise waters and steep walls fascinate visitors.

    The canyon was declared a natural park in 2015 and offers a variety of outdoor sports activities. The canyon, which sits on dam lake, is 2,5 km long and the depth of the rocks is approximately 400 meters.

    There are boat tours available which take about an hour and start from two different points. The canyon and its surroundings are suitable for camping, trekking, and hiking, photography, and amateur angling.

    Boraboy Gölü Nature Park in Amasya

    Borabay Lake Nature Park, a natural wonder, is located in Taşova district. Located 63 kilometers from Amasya city centre, it sits at an altitude of 1,050 meters from the sea level. The lake is a natural set lake formed by a small stream blocked by ruins coming from around.

    The lake is surrounded by beech, yellowish, cedar, chestnut trees, and the colour of the lake is emerald. With a width of 80 meters and a depth of 25 meters, the lake is located in a valley stretching east to west. There are bungalows, cafeteria, camping and picnic areas, hiking routes in the area.

    Yakub Abdal Nature Park in Bayburt

    Yakup Abdal Natural Park is located at an altitude of about 2,000 meters. Nature Park Has natural pine and poplar forests, shrub and meadow areas, stream ecosystem. It is also possible to do trekking and hiking on forest paths in the natural park!